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Healthy Seniors: 2 Bodywork Therapies That Help You Disrupt Aging and Love Your Age

The Department of Health and Human Services is predicting that by the year 2030, 72 .1 million people, that’s 19% of the population will be 65 and older. Health, quality of life and well being will sure to be important and focused upon whether you are an active or inactive senior, a senior with health issues or a competitive senior.

I want to focus on two therapies that can benefit not only seniors but all age groups.

Massage Therapy

It’s known to be quite beneficial to help cope with those of us experiencing muscle tension and discomfort as a result of jobs, injury or exercise. It ’s been proven to decrease stress and anxiety, help you to sleep better, improve circulation, joint mobility and decrease inflammation. It may help lessen dependence on pain and other medications. It also has been known to help some increase their sense of well- being and provide needed touch and nurturing. For a more inclusive list of the benefits of massage see:

Discuss with a qualified trained professional massage therapist as to what to expect in the session as well as what type of touch you might prefer. If you have any special needs bring them up as well. Your modesty and privacy should always be respected.

The next therapy I’d like to discuss is Reiki (ray-key).


This is a complementary therapy that works well with just about most lifestyles. Whether you are active or inactive in your life or working with traditional medicine and/or on medications, Reiki can be a positive addition. Reiki has reported to help people in unexpected ways. Some examples of this are relaxation, feelings of peace and reduced physical symptoms and stress. Its benefits also include a lessening of chronic pain and headaches. Some who suffer from the latter have reported their headaches disappearing entirely.

Reiki is generally a stand-alone treatment. Sessions can be anywhere from twenty to ninety minutes. You can remain fully clothed in some instances. It works very well with other treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy or chiropractic care to name a few.  Hands are placed on or above the body. No private parts of the body are touched. You usually are lying down on a massage table, but this treatment can easily be done sitting or even standing. The effects can be felt during or after the session is completed. Sometimes the results of these treatments are felt a day or two later. Generally people are calmer, sleep better and experience relief from stress and pain symptoms immediately or over time. To read some more about Reiki see:

There’s no doubt that Massage Therapy and Reiki can be beneficial to your quality of life. Either or both treatments can be tools in managing your overall health, well being and quality of life.

  • Find a professionally trained massage therapist and Reiki practitioner in your area.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Read the articles mentioned above for more in depth information regarding these therapies.


In closing here are two books that I found to be helpful:

Disrupt Aging: A Bold Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age

by Jo Ann Jenkins with Bo Workman


Love Your 

Age: The Small – Step Solution to a better, longer, happier life

by Barbara Hannah Grufferman

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